Some photos from recent club events / meetings 

Tether car running at Paul's track on May12th.

A few random photos !

damned AM25s

giving the AM25 in the Roadster a good telling off! Started OK just afterwards.

Paul's rolling road starter

Paul's 'rolling road' type starter. Used to warm up and finely tune the motor prior to it's push start on the track

model car lineup_edited

Some of the model cars having an outing on the day. Nearest 2 are Roadster15s ( with AM25s) from Aeromodeller plan

Rogues gallery

Rogues gallery 1 Please excuse the bleary photo - I think the castor oil had built up on my Iphone lens?

Photos from April Berkeley meeting - Taster Stunt


Jim A & Dave P man the cake wagon ( 17th April)


Alistair and Dave Farmer with Dave's new speed pylon (17th April )


Alistair releasing the speed trainer to try out the new pylon.


Another pylon/pole - the club's new tether car pole - I just need a 60' patio to try it !

relaxed day

A relaxing day for those not participating in Taster Stunt

Richard sgnalling

Richard signalling for his next manoeuvre

ltes see what's next

Now - let's see what we can get him to do next?

Ian overhead

Ian flying a nicely controlled wingover.

damned PAW

Brendan struggling to get his PAW 149Ct to get started

Brendans model finally away

Brendan's motor finally gets going - but , unfortunatley , not for long!

what is this

Always good for a giggle this Taster Stunt!

colins flight

A nice bit of level flight for Colin's model

Dave R signals

Dave R gives a clear signal of intent to carry out his next manoeuvre

Launching balet style

A vigorous launch by Brendan for Nick's model

Loud hailer not icecream

Nick concentrates on his flying whilst caller has an icecream? Or is it the loud hailer perhaps?

the bunch2 via RE best

Participants , judge and caller get together for a photo opportunity.

Some photos from two of our March meetings - Berkeley and Colerne

voetsak entries

A lineup of the Voetsak Tribute entries and there owners.

Pete giving his model fianl tweak!

Pete T giving his model a final adjustment before heading to the pilot's circle.

keeping the negine warm

Keeping the engine warm - ready for next flight.

Dave R flying Dave H's model

David R flying Dave H's Voetsak model.

'just atiny bit more fuel

Richard gives it just a tiny bit more fuel?

Richards model  - needs spinner nut

Richard's Voetsak - needs the mandatory Voetsak propnut rather than spinner?

Pete Flying his Voetsak Tribute

Pete T flying his Voetsak Tribute.

Nick launching a  MGYR

Nick B launching his Mini-Goodyear model.

MGYR about to get away

Another MGYR model about rto get away.

'Cut engine now' after 1 min warmup

"cut engine now" instruction after 1 minute warmup.

A pair of lil' Quickies

A pair of 'Lil' Quickies' MGYR models awaiting their turn.

Brendan piloting for Nick

Brendan piloting for Nick

Just soome of the CL contngent

Just some of the C/L contingent - a busy little day!

R unning out of runway space

Nick ran out of space on the usual runway so taking off from the peritrack!

Richard preparing his model

Richard preparing his model for another flight

happy participants

Three muskateers ? or in this case happy c/l fliers.

Phil with his Cox powered FF model

In the F/F area Phil about to launch his Cox powered model.

New member Martin with his A1

New member Martin with a very nice A1 glider.

A  batch of photos from our two indooor meetings in February ( Berkeley and Thornbury ) - whilst waiting for some better weather outdoors!

IMG_2325 (2)

Mervyn's duration model skims the ceiling at Berkeley.

IMG_2309 (2)

Graham keeps an eye on another good flight by his Butterfly model

IMG_2360 (2)

Tim gets his CLG model way for another flight.

IMG_2356 (2)

Tim's model completing another good flight

IMG_2298 (2)

Jan's Butterfly model - best performing Butterfly of the day at Berkeley.

IMG_2369 (2)

Daves No-Cal (16") profile racer being prepared for flight.

IMG_2370 (2)

Dave launching the No-Cal model - he looks worried!

IMG_2296 (2)

Nice shot of somebodies model ? passing by.

IMG_2321 (2)

Daves 14" duration model nearing the ceiling at Berkeley.

the pits

always something to chat about at these events!

Piper cub

Mick's r/c Tutor climbing away at the r/c end of the hall.

IMG_2235 (2)

The indoor scene at the Thornbury Leisure Centre

IMG_2239 (2)

Mervyn and Dave discussing the finer points of something?

IMG_2290 (2)

Models being prepared in the 'pits'

IMG_2258 (2)

Dave R's Cooter R/C model humming past!

IMG_2274 (2)

Another Butterfly sets off .

IMG_2277 (2)

John B awaits a suitable moment to get his model aloft.

IMG_2283 (2)

Mrs Burles - sorry don't know her christian name!- launching a BMFA Dart.

IMG_2293 (2)

Jan launches low - ready for the big climb back up.


action on the floor at Thornbury

IMG_2264 (2)

" no Grandad - you should point it that way!"

IMG_2281 (2)

Tactical discussions with Mick , Dave R and Martin

IMG_2275 (2)

Nice box of models ready to go - before anything got broken I guess!

IMG_2273 (2)

Tom undoubtably getting instructions from his son?

IMG_2244 (2)

Kevin A about to launch his Lacey rubber model

Daves 2nd OD EZB

Dave's 14" OD rubber duration model

A few snaps from the first (unscheduled) 2022 meet at Colerne on Jan 16th


Jim gets his rubber model away.


Dave P's Double Dolphin glider


Colin's Nobler


The peril of not using a winding tube!


Nick and Dave prepare the ex-Phil Darke Goldberg Shoestring stunter.

Mini-Goodyear at first Berkeley meet of 2022 (Jan 9th)

DRs model away

Dave R's MGYR model sets off

Tony PF and DRs

Tony P-F flies Dave R's model

DH model escaping

Dave H's model tries to escape sideways

TP my 1.5

Tony gets it back under control.

PT flying high

Pete T flying high - but excused due to gusty weather?

most models

Most of the models after flying. Yes - the second from front does have a damaged tailplane!

most members

Most of the pilots and timekeepers line up for the group photo.

From Paul's tether car track on 30th December 2021

Petes car

Pete T's roadster running nicely

my car all wheels off

My car with all 4 wheels off the track momentarily.

the cars

Most of the cars being run that day.

Colerne 24th October

Photo 4

Colin enjoying training on a cold and windy day

Photo 2

Full concentration from Paul and Brendan

Photo 3

It was cold, so Brendan was sporting some exotic headgear

Photo 1

Paul is primed and ready

Colerne 7th November

last flight at dusk

The last flight at dusk


All the gang having a cold but happy day out

Berkeley 21st November

MGR people

The Mini-Goodyear Racers after a great day out

Flying at Colerne October 17th 2021


Dave's boot full of F/F models.Ready to break.


A good flightline for freeflight. Slight breeze only.No rain.


Kevin's selection of electric profile models.. single engine,twin,four or six ! One interloper - a rubber powered Dusty crophopper.


Kevin's free flight Peacemaker - utilising power unit from 'toy biplane'.

IMG_3286 (2)

Jim testing out his E20 model


Jim piling on the turns to his rubber model.


There seemed to be a steady stream of members returning from retrieving their models.


Not forgetting the control-liners. Nick and David with a boot crammed with models

Sunday's fliers (from the left)
Dave , Martin , Phil , Kevin, Jim
Paul and Mervyn

IMG_1962 (2).JPG

Voetsak Tribute and Fun flying at Berkley October 10th


In the pits at the Voetsak Tribute


Preparation makes perfect as the pilots and pitmen get prepared


How many SBMAC members does it take to to prep a Voetsak?


A beautiful day at the field


The squadron is all set to go


Colin Bell and his beautiful Nobler


The sun and perfect weather showed off the models to perfection


Mick Lewis launches to perfection


All ready for the fight


The combat boys all ready for the off

IMG_1941 (2)

Jim's model gets away.

IMG_1917 (2)

A rapid climb away!

IMG_1925 (2)

Jan's model gets going for the fastest time of the day.

IMG_1895 (2)

Struggling to see in the bright sunshine.

IMG_1883 (2)

Jim and Dave's models ready and waiting.

IMG_1897 (2)

Just wondering how the opposition is doing?

Mini-goodyear training in the rain at Colerne on 3rd October 2021

IMG_1867 (2)

Miserable weather - as per the forecast!

IMG_1817 (2)

Running up the PAW149 s ready for the start of the first two-up flight.

IMG_1828 (2)

Paul signals that he is ready for the pitman to launch.

IMG_1862 (2)

"he's behind you !"

IMG_1841 (2)

Circulating nicely.

IMG_1845 (2)

Happy chappies - just before the Heavens opened !

Tether cars at Paul's track Sept 23rd 2021


Jim Andrews Roadster15 - AM15 powered - as were all Roadsters


Dave Hanks' own design 'Sportster' - PAW 149 powered.


Dave H's Roadster15


Paul Harris' wheel driven Cooper/Bristol with RTYM 2.5 motor


Pete Tribes Roadster15


Dave Raynor's Roadster15

IMG_6213 copy

Dave H's own design car in action. Bit battered after crash. With 'hidden' OS10 for power.

IMG_6097 copy

John Mealing's own design Hesketh with Russian 2.5cc motor.

IMG_6343 copy

Dave Raynor's Roadster on its first outing.

IMG_6135 copy

ete Tribe's in action.

IMG_6035 copy

Dave H's Sportster in action.


Pete Tribe fettling John' s model.


Pete Tribe demonstrates how to stop a car - with a teatowel!

voetsak Tribute testing - Sept 19th at Colerne

IMG_1787 (2)

Pete Morrisons Voetsak ( all these models are fitted with AM25 motors)

IMG_1788 (2)

Jim Andrews Voetsak

IMG_1790 (2)

Dave Raynors Voetsak

IMG_1809 (2)

Dave R flying his second Voetsak?

IMG_1798 (2)

Dave releases Jim's Voetsak Tribute.

IMG_1791 (2)

Dave R flying Dave Hanks' Voetsak.

IMG_1793 (2)

Meanwhile Dave Farmer and Alistair MacNair were kept busy testing out this new speed model

Taster Stunt at Berkeley September 2021

IMG_1707 (2)

Taster Stunt line check and preparation area

IMG_1719 (2)

One stunt entry

IMG_1717 (2)

One electric stunter

IMG_1711 (2)

Another stunt entry

IMG_1712 (2)

- and another

IMG_1716 (2)

- and yet another !

IMG_1751 (2)

Nicks electric stunter about to go

IMG_1708 (2)

One very relaxed flier - Tony P-F

IMG_1714 (2)

and Mick also looks fairly relaxed!

IMG_1733 (2)

John M giving it a little more concentration

IMG_1725 (2)

Richard going into a loop

IMG_1737 (2)

Colin Bell about to enter the circle flying his 40 powered Thunderbird.

IMG_1744 (2)

Colin giving a nice clear signal prior to his manoeuvre.

IMG_1740 (2)

Colin really concentrating - he went on to win the days event.

IMG_1731 (2)

Judge MacNair checking the manoeuvres in the bright sunshine

IMG_1776 (2)

- whilst some combat takes place at the other end!

Club 'Fun Day'  - poor weather forecast - poor turnout - grim weather!

IMG_1659 (2)

Phil Rogers gets in some practice between showers ready for the 5pm mass launch of Cloud Tramps..

IMG_1638 (2)

Dave watches as his Voetsak takes off for its 60 lap 1 pitstop time trial.

the stalwarts

Timekeepers and stalwarts look on.

Soggy  model landing

Pete Tribe brings Dave's Voetsak back in for a soggy landing in the rain.

IMG_1651 (2)

Preparing for the Cloud Tramp 'mass launch'

ready , steady , go

'mass launch' ! gets underway. Just 4 brave souls this time around!

SAM1066 Free Flight event held at Colerne on Sunday 25th July


Part view of flightline

Getting ready

Careful winding preparation.

Senator awaiting winding

Senator model awaiting it's turn for winding.

rubber at full stretch!

Rubber at full stretch!

Watching the competition!

Watching the competition.

Hi-start away.

Dave's hi-start glider gets away

John's model gets away.

John's rubber model also gets away.

Martin's model climbing well.

Martin's model climbing rapidly.

John's hi-start model passes by.

John's glider passes by.

Le Timide fuel guage

Dave's 'fuel gauge ' for 15 second engine run on Vintage power model

Getting times recorded

Getting the times recorded.

The Club's Lo & Behold event on 18th July at Berkeley

by the Severn

different view of site showing proximity to Severn Estuary

the Phantom Menace

the 'Phantom Menace' collection of 16 Phantoms and Phantom Mites.

Phantom preparation time

Phantoms being prepared for 'Speed' flying

peter fox getaway

Peter Fox releases a Phantom for a very quick getaway!

IMG_1384 (2)

Chris Coote flying his Phantom

Pete tribe adjusting For E mail

Pete Tribe 'fettling' his model

Pete T style

Pete Tribe flying Phantom with his horizontal handle action.

Best Phantom

Winner of 'Best Phantom' Phil Rogers with his nicely finished Phantom Mite

one row of models

One of three rows of 'lockdown' models on display in the hall

part of row

part of another row of models.

one of many tables

A table of models showing the diversity of styles

one table of models

and another table !

not all finished 2

not all necessarily finished !


including a lockdown project - airscrew driven tether cars.

Catching up in the shade

Keeping out of the heat in the shade of the trees.

icecream time

Icecream time - what could be nicer?

enjoying the action

Brendan and his boys taking a break from flying to watch the action.

Brendon flying high for E mail

Brendan back in action!

Taking it easy

Time to catch up on life during our 'annual' get together.

Dennis Finch

Dennis Finch with possibly the winning Voetsak Tribute model?

Dave gets the settings for E mail

Getting the settings right?

Voetsak Tribute models at LO & Behold day.

IMG_1447 (2)
IMG_1446 (2)
IMG_1443 (2)
IMG_1444 (2)
IMG_1442 (2)
IMG_1438 (2)
IMG_1440 (2)
IMG_1437 (2)

Colerne Saturday June 19th 2021


Dave seems happy with his flight in Hi-Start as Martin prepares his rubber model.


and now Martin should also be happy with his rubber model way up there!

New member Paul - whose main interest is free flight having a very successful flight with a Linesman C/L trainer

Berkeley monthly meeting - June 2021     Taster Stunt competition

IMG_1290 (2)

Sorry - not too sure whose model this is - waiting to be fired up!

IMG_1319 (3) - Copy

Dave calling for Richard Evans with his Rothwell Oliver R150 powered Junior Ringmaster.

IMG_1288 (2) - Copy

Our dedicated judge for all flights - Jim Andrews - enjoying the sunshine..

IMG_1291 (3)

Could this possibly be the Firebird of Richard Long ?

IMG_1325 (3) - Copy

Dave calling manoeuvres for Brendan - who seems to have wandered off a little!

IMG_1310 (2) - Copy

Colin Bell signalling for his next move - flying his PAW powered Mercury Monarch

IMG_1285 (3)

Spectators gathered to watch the proceedings.

IMG_1297 (4) - Copy

Mick Lewis about to go into his next manoeuvre with his Oliver powered Talisman.

IMG_1301 (2) - Copy

Richard Long concentrating hard on his flying with the Firebird.

Some free flight at Colerne on Saturday June 26th

different assembly point

Unusual wind direction ! Launching point from directly opposite crashgate 2 !

Jim's away

Jim gets his rubber model away.

Jim returning Paul waiting to go

Jim returns with his model whilst Paul awaits a calm moment to launch his.

Martin and Dave posing

With rubber wound Martin and Dave get ready for launching.

technical discussion

Either an intense technical discussion or a bit of palm reading?

KK long grass

The famed KeilKraft long grass and rubber models just waiting for their owners to set them free!

Berkeley monthly meeting on 9th May - Phantom Speed event & general c/l flying


Richard Evans with grandchildren Polly and Robert


Chris Ottewell launches for Roberts first taste of c/l flying with tuition from grandad !


Robert 's first try - note arm brace integral to handle to help reduce any excessive wrist movement.


Polly finds it all a little too much - time to relax!


A quick socially distanced natter before the action kicks off.

1238 (2)RS

Does my elevator look level to you?

1229 (2)RS

a gloved David R not taking any nonsense from his Rothwell Oliver Cub

1217 (2)RS

Alistair taking the strain on pull test duty

1240 (2)RS

Dave F releases Alistair's Phantom on the take-off strip.

IMG_1221 (2)

Most of the participatiing Phantoms lined up in the line check area.

IMG_1252 (2)

Dave Hanks PAW 149br powered Phantom in the 1.5cc class

IMG_1251 (2)

Richard Long''s Phantom - Oliver Tiger Mk4 pwered.

IMG_1249 (2)

Dave Farmer's Frog 249BB powered Phantom

IMG_1248 (2)

Alistair's Phantom powered by a Mk3 Oliver Tiger.

IMG_1247 (2)

John Mealing's Phantom - powered by CS Oliver 249

IMG_1246 (2)

Pete Tribe's entry in 2.5cc class - Rothwell Oliver powered.

IMG_1245 (2)

Dave Raynor's Rothwell Oliver Cub powered Phantom - in 1.5cc class

IMG_1244 (3)

Dave Hanks's entry in 2.5cc class - powered by Oliver borrowed from John Mealing

IMG_1243 (2)

Pete Tribe's entry in 1.5cc class - powered by PAW149 CT.

Actually some random photos taken since flying recommenced in April 2021 !

Happy to be back

So pleased to be back flying at Berkeley on April 11th

4 & five fifths Voetsaks

four and five fifths of Voetsaks after first outing back at Berkeley

back to kit form

a Voetsak rekitted! Line caught on grass on takeoff meant eventual vertical arrival !

out of storage

Unwrapping models ready to get into the air again.

back flying at last

IN the air at last !

Pete t flicking away

Pete Tribe starting the 'regulation' AM25 in his Voetsak Tribute model.

discussing finer points

Discussing the finer points


Nick B at Colerne on 2nd May - judging by his fuel bottle he was looking forward to lots of flying.


Alistair releasing Jan's new Weatherman speed model at Colerne.

FF flightline Colerne

Part of the freeflight flight line at Colerne on April 18th - a glorious day!

todays trackstars

Air cars and their owners at the 'Bristol' track

Looking good

A view of the tether car track

Photos of the Roadster15 tether cars - another 'Lockdown project' - Some unfinished at the time of photography but mostly complete by now

Jims painted

Jim Andrews Silver and black Roadster15 - just awaiting decals and fuel proofing.

Alistair's  Lotus

Alistair MacNairs version of the '72 Lotus - will be powered by an Oliver Tiger clone motor.

Pete T's almost finished

Pete Tribe's Roadster15 - AM25 powered ( as they all are at present ).Awaiting tether bar and final finishing.

Dave R's on 13th feb 2021

Dave Raynor's Roadster15 - also awaiting tether bar . Fitting of the tether bar and balancing the model are the two final steps.

Dave H's finished

Dave Hanks' completed Roadster15 . Note tether bar on the inside ( almost in line with the prop)

being painted

Dave H's second car. Also an aircar ( but engine pod not fitted ). Being painted.

Voetsak Tribute models awaiting the opportunity to get some flying done!!!    More to follow once I get the photos - DH

Dave Rs finished model - Copy

Dave Raynors Voetsak tribute model - the first of two for him!

Taffy Bollen's Tribute

Taffy Bollen's Tribute in green & yellow with matching spinner.

Jim Andrews Tribute

Jim Andrews Tribute - yet to be flown as he has been locked down in Wales ever since the build!

Dave r's no 2

Dave Raynor's second Tribute - he so enjoyed the first build he was tempted again!

DH's Vt & friend

Dave Hanks' Tribute and his matching Class 1 Weatherman ( another lockdown project)

Jan H's voetsak

Jan Huning's recently completed and very stylish Tribute.

SBMAC at Buckminster

Our first Tribute outing at Buckminster ( models from Pete Tribe,Pete Morrison ,Dave Raynor and Dave Hanks ,

Buckminster other models

Three more Tributes at Buckminster ( Sept 2020) -from other clubs


A Ron Moulton pilot ( as produced by Dave Banks ) .Ron was the designer of the original Voetsak racer. This pilot painted by Dave H.

Pete T's Tribute

Pete Tribes Voetsak Tribute

Nick Bridges 1

Nick Bridges Voetsak Tribute - Wing finish is black tissue.

Berkeley  11th October 2020  - Taster Stunt event.(South Bristol relaxed version!!)

IMG_0107 (2)

Contestants Nick,Mick,Pete and John with CD/caller Dave , judge Jim and main scoring co-ordinator Alistair.

IMG_0057 (2)

Jim and Alistair came prepared for a really cold day - turned out not too bad.

IMG_0099 (2)

Nick's model flies past doing an inverted lap. Meanwhile caller Dave has to keep his head down!

IMG_0093 (2)

Mick concentrating on a high level manoeuvre - Dave ready to call his next one.

IMG_0076 (2)

John's 'Mustard' model in the 'level lap' portion of the flight.

IMG_0110 (2)

Dave's OD 35cm model- note Halloween cobwebs on t/plane etc ( result of sliding down the window behind the curtains!)

IMG_0120 (2)

Mervyn studying his models flight. Unfortunately broke later on.

IMG_0123 (2)

John B gently releases his model for another flight -- timed by John M.


Nick Bridges model with Richard Evans model in background.


Brendan Perring's model.


Tony Parton-Frost's model.

IMG_1117 (2)

Colin's Peacemaker and John M's Mustard with Brendan's model in background.

IMG_1107 (2)

Mick launching Richard Evan's Talisman?

IMG_1115 (2)

Richard going into a high manoeuvre.

IMG_1121 (2)

Mick releases Tony's model for it's second flight.

IMG_1127 (2)

Tony in the middle of an overhead manoeuvre

IMG_1133 (2)

A spirited launch of John's Mustard by Brendan

IMG_1138 (2)

Plenty of line tension for John before he turned into the sun!

IMG_1141 (2)

Colin launching for Brendan.

IMG_1144 (2)

Brendan looking fairly relaxed whilst flying his first flight.

IMG_1147 (3)

A masked-up Dave Raynor launches for Nick.

IMG_1153 (3)

Nick concentrating on his looping skills.

IMG_1162 (2)

Dave R releases Colin's Peacemaker whilst Dave H stands ready to call out the required sequence..

IMG_1163 (2)

Colin in true aerobatics style pose signalling for judge.

IMG_1168 (2)

Judge Alistair and a few of the spectators.

IMG_1172 (2)

Richard gets Mick's model away for another round.

IMG_1173 (2)

Mick helping his model get up to speed.

Dr Ml JM

David Rayner , Mick Lewis and John Mealing at the 'RC end' of the hall

IMG_0466 (2)

Dave Raynor's RC Butterfly

Dave launches his rubber scale Avia

Dave launches his rubber powered scale Avia.

mick's rc Cub

Mick's RC Cub goes by.

IMG_0560 (2)

Another Cub type model ( this time rubber powered ) is launched by Kevin.

de-warping profile racer wing

You can get hungry there! No -it's just Dave de-warping the wing on his profile racer.

JB's Giminy Cricket

John B launches his Giminiy Cricket rubber powered duration model.

martin's hangar rat

Martin gets his Hangar Rat away for another good flight. With Chris Ottewell in the background.

DH's Wittman Oshkosh racer

Dave's electric Wittman Oshkosh racer commences it's takeoff run.

mick or chris night vapour

One of the two RC Night Vapours in action - either Mick Lewis or Chris Ottewell

Kevins Lacey

Kevin's Peanut size Lacey being launched. Made some excellent flights.

JM's Parkzone Mosquito

John M's Parkzone RC Mosquito awaits a flight!

AGM  prizegiving Dec 2019

Berkeley meeting on 20th September

Thornbury Indoor - January 2020

IMG_0272 (2)

Dave Hanks receives the 'John Mayes Free Flight Shield' from Chairman John Bond

IMG_0279 (2)

Mervyn Harris collects the Indoor Champion shield from John

IMG_0275 (2)

Mervyn also picks up the 'Cloud Tramp Cup' . Looks like he's wondering how to tell his wife he has to find room for them.

IMG_0273 (2)

Peter Tribe and Dave Hanks share the honours with equal points in the control-line championship.

Photos from Berkeley on first day of flying after the Covid-19 lockdown - July 2020

IMG_0697 (2)

A selection of models waiting their turn at 'circle one'

IMG_0681 (2)

Brendan launching a Linesman for his 7 year old son.

IMG_0683 (2)

- and here he is in perfect control ( and he painted the model himself!).

IMG_0761 (2)

Dave H getting David Raynor's Goodyear/stunter ? ready to go.

IMG_0737 (2)

Chris Coote came up for the day - well prepared for a full day's flying!

IMG_0743 (2)

-and here is Chris with his c/l twin that featured in the Aeromodeller ( Oct 2017)

IMG_0707 (2)

Mick Lewis getting in some flying with his combat models

IMG_0714 (2)

D H about to launch Nick Bridges stunt model.

IMG_0704 (3)

A nice selection of new ?models from Paul Edgecombe. Looks like he is going to have a busy year!


Paul with yet another model! Sorry - I forgot to rotate Paul before I loaded the photo!!!!!!!

IMG_0779 (2)

Dave H running up the Mills 1.3 in his new Weatherman.


Brendan and the Long Bros. discussing the day.


Ian Perkins and son Eli with his combat launching device in 'circle two'.

Dave H's Voetsak

Dave H's Voetsak Tribute waiting for an outing.

dave H's Voetsak about to go

- and here it is about to take off .

David R's Voetsak

This is David R's new Voetsak Tribute - awaiting a pilot !

David R's voetsak in flight

Chris C piloting David R's Tribute on it's very first flight. Very successful!


More models waiting to take to the air in 'circle three'.


Some still readying models whilst other sit at a table having a pint and a natter!

Some random photos from the last few weeks

Co-ordinated Tramp launch_edited

synchronised Cloud Tramp launch by Paul and Kevin at Colerne!


Mervyn at Colerne with his two new CLG OD models.

Paul H's .5cc homebuilt engine

Paul Harris's homebuilt 0.5cc diesel in his Ebenezer model.

Ollie and £20 bargain

Ollie Harris with an ex Pete Stiles PAW 80 powered RC glider. Flew well!

Kevin's twin electric flier

Kevin with his twin electric Ebenezer style model.


Phil Rogers about to try out his new Hi-start glider whilst Jim and Mervyn await the flight.


Jim preparing his latest rubber duration model for action.


Paul loading rubber into his KK Ace rubber model.

Tony launching

and yet another style launch by Tony P-F.

Richard launching

Different MGYR style launch ( by Richard E).

nick launches (2)

Mini-Goodyear model gets away after Nick B launches. Watched carefully by CD Pete !

Peter and Brendan in action

Never mind the rain - just keep going!