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Control-line models  - "models  flown on lines and controlled by a pilot in the centre of the circle"    "in the case of combat - two pilots will be in the circle"    " in team race up to three pilots can be competing in the same circle at once"

There are many different classes of control-line models. Between our membership we cover most of these.  There is Team Race , Speed , Combat , Scale , Carrier Deck ( not flown in our club as a special setup is required for this) and stunt ( aerobatics).Below are some photos depicting such classes , their models and competitors.  More photos of such models and activity can be viewed on our 'Gallery' page. Enjoy!

If you haven't flown control-line models previously - and would like to give it a go - we will be quite happy to let you have a fly at one of our Berkeley meetings. Please contact us beforehand and we will bring along a suitable model for you to try. For further information please see our 'Have-A-Go' page.

Team Race



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