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Our club was formed in 1947 - at a time when hobbies were beginning to be re-introduced after the restrictive times of WWII . There was a keen interest in aviation generally , especially in the younger generation. We were based in South Bristol at that time and , with very few members having motorised transport , most members were based very locally.

The main disciplines flown in early years were free-flight and the fairly recently introduced control-line ( known in the States as U-control ).Over the years radio control also became available and was included in the club's events. Alongside these three disciplines there was also 'indoor' flying ( either in the clubroom or in hired halls).  Enthusiasm for radio control gradually waned over the 1980s but support for control-line and freeflight continued amongst our members.  With the realisation that there were many other local clubs specialising in radio control it became the norm for our club to continue its role in C/L & F/F and to refer any enquiries about radio flying to the other clubs better able to assist newcomers. And so it is to this day. With fewer clubs now catering for C/L & F/F we now have members spread far and wide over the south west and beyond - but our title of South Bristol  M.A.C. proudly continues.

Our members tend to concentrate on traditional models ( vintage & classic etc) and most prefer to build their own models from plans or kits rather than use RTF models. Several members also build models from their own designs.

One of our previous logos.

Much loved by some members still !

the 'juniors' and their mentors.

the 'free flighters'

the 'control-liners'

" Those were the days ,my friend , we thought they'd never end........"

                                and perhaps they haven't ?

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