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Indoor flying - this takes many forms - rubber powered duration , glider , scale ,pylon racing and capacitor powered. All of these being free-flight. We also have members flying small R/C and infra-red controlled models.

Our main flying site is the hall at Hamfield Leisure Centre , Berkeley. This is relatively small and thus our models tend to be designed around the limitations of the premises. Several times a year we hire a larger ( 3 badminton courts area) hall which gives the flyers an opportunity to fly larger models - or the same models but in a less stressful environment ! At the majority of our Berkeley meetings we spend the latter part of the afternoon holding a competition for one of the indoor disciplines listed above. A competition - but fairly easy going and relaxed !


A 'Legal Eagle' class rubber powered duration model


A capacitor ( 1 Farad) powered geared motor 'duration model'.


A capacitor powered foam and balsa canard indoor model i.e. flies tail first.

A BMFA 'Dart' - an educational easy to build ,easy to fly rubber powered indoor model. We use these for fun 'pylon racing'.

Pistachio size (8") scale model of SE5a WW1 fighter. 'Stick and tissue construction.

'Living-room-stick' model .Lightweight 7" span indoor duration model.

Launching an indoor duration model.

'EZB ( Easy B)' style rubber powered duration model ( 18" span)

Evans VP1 scale model under construction. For indoor 'Open Scale' competition. Electric powered.

Finished Evans VP1 electric powered scale model ( approx. 22" span)

'Kolibri' - a small , light , foam winged RTF ( ready to fly) duration model

Electric ducted fan (EDF) semi-scale foam built model for RTP ( round the pole) operation.

Busy getting models ready for indoor flying.

'Oshkosh Racer' under construction.Electric powered , Lipo cell and programmable timer.

Finished 'Oshkosh Racer' with scale propeller fitted for static judging.

3 scale models. All rubber powered. All built from plans created from 3-view drawings.

'Stick and tissue' constructed scale model

A selection of indoor models awaiting flying (including a capacitor powered model and a HLG ( hand launched glider).

The Avionette - a semi-scale RTF model ( rubber powered ). A very good , very reliable flyer.

3 Avionette rubber power models ready for an impromptu duration competition!

Another version of the 'Oshkosh Racer' - this time an 8" span Pistachio scale carved foam model ( rubber powered ).

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