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Our club has been regularly running ‘have-a-go’ control-line sessions since 2012.  We have run these sessions at various shows to encourage people to try control-line flying in its basic form – and to remind people that c/line flying still exists - albeit in very few locations.  We use a simple, and tough ,training model on 44’ lines with a 1.5cc motor .  An experienced flyer helps with the initial part of the flight and then helps or monitors the rest of the flight – depending upon how well the pilot seems to be coping. The small fuel tanks limit the introductory flight to 7-10 laps. Those showing real “promise”, or obviously really enjoying the experience are usually given the option of further flights.

If you would like to try C/L flying for the first time - or maybe having flown it many years ago would like to relive the experience - then we are always happy to let you 'have-a-go' at any of our regular Berkeley meetings. Just contact us to let us know you are coming and we will ensure we bring the necessary equipment.

Since 2012 we have probably enabled over 600 flights. We have introduced lots of people to the joys of C/L flying. Probably 60% of those have been under 16 - with some as young as 4 years old. Many of these youngsters had members of their family videoing or photographing their flights. Although they will probably never fly C/L again it is nice to know that they will have something unusual to look back on in years to come.  Most of those under 40 had probably never even seen control-line flying until the day they tried it. We have also helped many "relive their youth". Many had not flown since the 60s and we have had several flyers in their 80s !

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